About The MPC Printmakers

Consisting of both emerging and established artists, the MPC Printmakers is a well-respected association of printmakers in Northern California’s Monterey Bay area. The group was established at Monterey Peninsula College in 2005, and now numbers over 80 artists including printmakers from Hawaii, as well as an international contingent.

Printmakers continually experiment, often creating new techniques to better depict what they want to express. The MPC Printmakers encourage the use of nontoxic printmaking materials and processes. Many printmakers have adopted brand new techniques devised by our own members, utilizing common household cleaning and pantry items, to help create their prints. Whether employing time-honored traditional printmaking techniques of etching metal plates or cutting wood blocks, or utilizing these new techniques, our members create rich, original prints and revel in the process.

The MPC Printmakers provides networking opportunities for members to share ideas related to traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques. Objectives include providing a forum for education, while promoting printmaking as a fine art. The group has launched a number of ambitious projects in the last several years to advance the understanding and appreciation of printmaking. These projects include exhibitions, exchange portfolios, publication of books, guest speakers, workshops, travel opportunities and great parties. Membership is free and open to all fine art printmakers.

Please enjoy our website, join us for some of our exciting events, and make use of our email address to ask questions and share ideas.

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