Kulpa Exhibit Updates

Attention MPC Printmakers! A few updates about the Club’s April exhibit at the Felix Kulpa Gallery:
* The deadline to deliver cards to Linda Marcellini as part of the “eligibility to exhibit” requirement has been extended to March 15.
* Be advised that the Gallery does not have insurance covering artwork exhibited. We hope you will still participate in this exhibit.
* There are still a few gallery-sitting slots needing to be filled during the exhibit. The .pdf file attached shows available times. Please contact me directly if you can volunteer for one. Thanks to those who have already volunteered!
* March 25 is the deadline for emailing me the following information for both your wall hung piece and bin piece:
Your Name
Title of Piece
Technique or Process
Price (gallery takes 40%)
* Delivery of artwork to the gallery is Sunday, April 2, 3:00-5:00pm
– Eva